My Le Wins February S.O.A.R. Award

Congratulations to My Le, who was a winner of the February S.O.A.R. Award. Congratulations My for a job well done.

My Le

Reason(s) for Recognition: My Le is a top achiever in the Art Department maintaining a GPA of 3.7 overall. My has been involved in all aspects of Fine Arts: ceramics, visual art, computer art, drawing, and sculpture as well as painting. She is a committed Fine Arts student, well liked by the art faculty.

Ms. Le is a very dedicated, bright and creative student able to translate what she sees to clay, paper or canvas easily. She has a wonderful sense of balance and color and her artwork reflects her technical ability as well as her creative resourcefulness. She attempts to think beyond the conventional. Her natural ability to draw is evident; her work shows depth, a good sense of composition and emphasis. Ms. Le is a quiet student who makes herself present with her talent and demeanor.

Ms. Le, a very responsible student who is a master of time management, excels in the classroom because she cares about her schoolwork. She wants to do that superior piece; she takes the assignment to the next level for mastery, for excellence.

We have been honored to have My as an outstanding student in the art department. Currently she is considering majoring in either business or an art career. We are confident that My will succeed and excel in either career. We congratulate her on her diligence and work ethic; her offers make her most deserving of this Soar Award.

My Le wins February SOAR Award

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