The President on Pay-Go

President Obama spent this weeks address talking about the re-instituting of the Congressional “Pay-Go” system, which requires new spending to be paid for with either spending cuts or tax increases. Seems like common sense to you? Pay-go has been bitterly opposed by the fiscal yahoos currently occupying key positions in Congress. Democrats fear spending restrictions, and Republicans fear tax increases. So the idea has been to just keep on spending, while paying for nothing. The hole gets bigger, and Congress just keeps calling for more shovels. The last time we had pay-go the Congressional mechanism of subversion was exempting some spending from the rule itself. How long before they exempt some new spending under the current system?

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3 Responses to The President on Pay-Go

  1. jules gordon says:

    Your Honor

    To answer your question: pay-as-you-go is DOA.The boys do love their spending and Taxing freedom.

    News Left out of this entry:

    1. Obama raised the debt limit to 14.2 trillion dollars.

    2. He signed the debt limit bill behind closed doors. Your Honor, is this the transparency you expected?



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    The debt ceiling being raised is a political football that the majority party always tries to hide or cloud. It is part of the refusal to face facts that bedevils both parties on the deficit. If I have time I will find out how many times that ceiling was raised during Republican majority rule, and how many “signing ceremonies” they had on those occasions. Happy Presidents Day.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    My comments regarding Obama signing behind closed doors addresses his failed promises, a habit of his.

    You can save the search for how many times the Republican President has rasied the limits because I do not defend Bushes’ stewardship.

    Don’t forget the payback was the loss of majority in 2006, which did not suprise me.

    You have nothing to crow about as far as this administration is concerned and the shoe may go back oon the other foot. If so will the Republicans hold to their principles or go crazy again. The same guys are still there.

    I am favoring Tea party affiliation as long as they remain independent of either party and hold elected officers to doing the right thing.

    This is a building concept with me. We should talk about it.



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