The Recovery Act War of Words

The stimulus package anniversary has of course launched a war of words between Democrats and Republicans about its relative effectiveness. With jobless numbers still high the Republicans feel free to declare it a failure, while Democrats pounce on obvious Republican hypocrisy about taking funds for their districts that they voted against in Congress. The stimulus package had obvious flaws, but it has been a tremendous help to local and state governments looking to maintain essential services.

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1 Response to The Recovery Act War of Words

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    The President, who promised us transparency, posting of bills so we can review it before voting on them and a host of other deliberate lies, continues the same course by telling us about the 2 million jobs saved as result of the the stimulus “investment”. Jobs saved is determined how? Also told the unemployment rate would not exceed 8%. Another lie.

    Meanwhile those nasty Republicans keep getting in Obama’s way, thank God.

    I will give you one thing, your honor, the public employees have received benefit from this President. Corruption and lies.



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