Lisa Barone Is The February SOAR Award Winner

Congratulatgions to Methuen High School’s Lisa Barone, who was awarded the February SOAR Award. A great student with a wonderful musical future.

Put forward by Fine Arts Director Thomas Walters:

It is my great pleasure to nominate Lisa Angela Barone for the Methuen High School 2010 SOAR award in the performing arts. Lisa is an extraordinary young woman with limitless potential for success in music. She has an extensive background in voice and piano, as well as her flute playing in the Ranger Band make her an ideal candidate for this award.

Lisa has a wonderful,bubbly, and exuberant personality that promotes active leadership and respect with her teachers and her peers. Her drive for musical excellence, coupled with her amazing singing voice, has established for her a tremendous reputation among musicians. She has represented Methuen High School with distinction at all levels of music festivals, including last years Massachusetts All State Music Festival at Symphony Hall in Boston. She coaches students in vocal techniques both in and out of the choir, helping students prepare auditions and directing sectional rehearsals. Her resume of performances with the Handel and Haydn Society’s Young Women’s Chorus, along with her private study at the New England Conservatory are most impressive, particularly for a high school student.

Lisa hopes to continue her musical study at the college level. Her top choices are the Julliard School of Music in New York and the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, where she has been invited for auditions, and of course the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. We certainly wish her every success.

Lisa Barone, February SOAR Award Winner

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  1. Tom says:

    do you have a bigger resolution picture?


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