The Explosion in Pension Costs

Today’s Tribune has a story about pension costs in Methuen, and how the continued rapid escalation in these costs are threatening municipal finances throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I do agree with Michael Widmer that any extension of the full funding schedule should be coupled with meaningful pension reform. However you cut it however these pension cost increases are destroying our ability to manage our finances at the local level. When coupled with the massive spike in health care costs something has to give.

Read the Tribune story here.

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1 Response to The Explosion in Pension Costs

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I read your post and I wonder why you posted it. Is it just to whine?

    This is the result of the long standing incompetent management of our state by the legislature and administrations. (yes, republicans too)

    When you have posted these before and pulled together your local reps and senators to repair the situation, the results have been zero. They write the law that you have to administer without funding.

    I bet you vote for the same people next time as well. After all these are the ‘friends’ you mentioned at the end of the Bush administration, …..with a few more ‘friends’….

    Well you got them. Now what do you do next year and the year after that?

    Oh, and wait until your ‘friends in Washington get through with you.



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