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Union Power Under Attack

With state budgets throughout the country sinking into the abyss public sector unions are now under attack everywhere. And unlike prior battles organized labor in the public sector is losing the battle where it counts, with the public. From the … Continue reading

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The Explosion in Pension Costs

Today’s Tribune has a story about pension costs in Methuen, and how the continued rapid escalation in these costs are threatening municipal finances throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I do agree with Michael Widmer that any extension of the full … Continue reading

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The MMA Letter to Governor Patrick

The Massachusetts Municipal Association, knowing that local aid cuts are right around the corner, has sent Governor Patrick a letter asking for action on a series of reforms to help cities and towns weather the coming storm. I have talked … Continue reading

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More Authority for Mayors

Today’s Eagle Tribune has a story talking about my belief that Mayor’s ought to have a greater role in the awarding of school side collective bargaining contracts. It was an accurate reflection of my position and one that I believe … Continue reading

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