Katie Oskar is December S.O.A.R. Award Recipient

“Academically distinguished, intellectually inquisitive, and athletically gifted best describe senior Katie Oskar,” states Principal Jim Guica. Methuen High School is pleased to recognize a student of Katie’s stature as the S.O.A.R Award recipient for December.

Katie is a student athlete of the highest order. She truly enjoys social studies and in particular, United States history. She demonstrates her passion for the subject by spending her own time doing in depth reading and study of topics covered in class. The results of this devotion to her study became evident last spring when she achieved the highest score attainable in the Advanced Placement U.S. History testing. That score now enables Katie to count her Advanced Placement high school social studies class as college credit when she matriculates to college next fall.

Katie Oska’s academic achievements, however, are not limited to social studies. She is an honor student in the truest sense; being a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and History Honor Society. For her course load this academic year, Katie is taking four Advanced Placement courses plus Calculus and honors Spanish. Katie’s academic performances in the classroom match up well with the excellent scores she has achieved in state testing. Katie registered a perfect score of 280 in the MCAS Biology test and narrowly missed getting a perfect score in Math MCAS testing by two percentage points.

Athletically, Katie holds the current school swim team record in diving and the track record in the triple jump. In addition to garnering ‘All MVC’ honors this past fall in swimming and in diving, Katie was also named team MVP.

Katie is a personable young lady and student role model who has represented her school well. Our congratulations go out to Katie Oskar as the December S.O.A.R. Award winner.

Katie Oskar receives December 2009 S.O.A.R. Award

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