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The MMA Letter to Governor Patrick

The Massachusetts Municipal Association, knowing that local aid cuts are right around the corner, has sent Governor Patrick a letter asking for action on a series of reforms to help cities and towns weather the coming storm. I have talked … Continue reading

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State Budget Cuts Coming

The Governor last week, in light of poor tax collection data, has been forced to once again downgrade state revenue estimates, calling for a $600 million dollar budget reduction in order to achieve balance at the lower number. He will … Continue reading

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The President Sticks to Health Care

The President sticks to health care in his weekly address, talking about the recent industry commissioned study done by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and decrying the conclusions contained in that report. The report has created a backlash, not appearing to have been as … Continue reading

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The Nevins Library

I was pleased to attend the staff appreciation dinner for the Nevins Memorial Library right after the MCTV debate. The Nevins Library and its staff do a great job day in and day out for Methuen, and I am proud … Continue reading

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Debate Recap/Health Care

We had the MCTV/Eagle Tribune debate last night, and I would like to thank both outlets for providing the opportunity for debate. We were asked to provide a question and my submission dealt with the exploding cost of municipal health … Continue reading

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Mayor's Forum Tonight on MCTV

Just a reminder that MCTV in Methuen will be hosting a Mayoral debate tonight at 7:00 p.m. It will be broadcast live, and will be one hour in length. I hope you all have a chance to tune in tonight!

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Governor Patrick Goes to the Offense

Governor Deval Patrick, gearing up for a tough re-election campaign,has cut a video that casts himself as the outsider and his opponents as insiders looking to “roll back progress on health care, infrastructure and education.” The Governor also pointedly said … Continue reading

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Someone Is Reading the Numbers

Today’s Washington Post talks about the real problems that state and local pension systems face in light of the massive losses of the last downturn. The story talks about the stark choices facing pension systems throughout the country. The upheaval … Continue reading

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President Cites Republican Support for Health Reform

President Obama continues to push health care reform in his weekly message, citing the support of many prominent Republicans for change. The endgame nears on health reform, with bill consolidation happening now. Does Obama get a bill, and will it … Continue reading

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Methuen Receives Fire Grant

I am pleased to announce that Methuen Fire Department has been awarded $204,980.00 in stimulus grant funds to re-hire three firefighters laid off due to budgetary constraints. This amount is almost 100% of what we applied for. Of 84 communities … Continue reading

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