President Cites Republican Support for Health Reform

President Obama continues to push health care reform in his weekly message, citing the support of many prominent Republicans for change. The endgame nears on health reform, with bill consolidation happening now. Does Obama get a bill, and will it be one that moves the health care ball in the right direction???

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1 Response to President Cites Republican Support for Health Reform

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Our Noble prize winning incompetent president hasn’t a clue what this healcare bill will be as THERE IS NO HEALTHCARE BILL IN EXISTANCE.

    There are 5 bills to be “crafted” into one bill. The majority of Democrats will finish with a bill that will horrify anyone with half a brain.

    Our incompetent president (ref SNL skit) has cherry picked Republican commentaries. None of these are presently serving in office. I notice he did not reference Snowe of Maine so I assume she has not capitulated yet.

    I wonder what you would get if polled the Republican lawmakers.

    Let’s see what we get when this thing see the light of day.

    This thing is not over yet.



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