Governor Patrick Goes to the Offense

Governor Deval Patrick, gearing up for a tough re-election campaign,has cut a video that casts himself as the outsider and his opponents as insiders looking to “roll back progress on health care, infrastructure and education.” The Governor also pointedly said that his opponents would return to the ways of the past by ignoring the Big Dig debt, and allow insiders and the “well connected” to make key decisions. The Governor, while taking a swipe at his opponents, also talked up an outline of the positives of his administration.

The Governor also touted the fundraising visit of President Barack Obama, which will occur on October 23. The Governor has lagged on the fundraising front, and the Presidents visit will add as much as $500,000 to the Governor’s coffers. The President’s visit will bring much more than money to the Governor, however. The President remains very popular in Massachusetts, and his visit to help his friend the Governor certainly will have tangibile political benefits for Patrick.

The Governor’s opponents all returned the fire in today’s Globe piece by Matt Viser, with Charlie Baker, Tim Cahill, and Christy Mihos all taking shots back. Read the Matt Viser story here.

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4 Responses to Governor Patrick Goes to the Offense

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    an INCUMBENT Governor CANNOT run for RRE election as an outsider..not possible…he is now responsible for the administration of government..and on his record of walking the walk not talking the talk…he has a tough road ahead simply because he has squandered the opportunity for transformational change after 16 yrs of Republican rule..and instead of changing how they did business..he choose on the advice of John Walsh and Rubin to pick fights with Democrats who supported him..


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    This guy is an incompetent boob, just like his compadre in Washington. Both,(like all Democrats) can only solve problems by raising taxes.

    Heck, wait until the seniors on Medicare find out how much this healthcare pig will cost them thanks to Democrats.

    I think your characterization of 16 years of Republicans occupying the governor’s office as a “rule” when the Democrats have a super-majority as ridiculous. The example of the Massachusetts and Federal legislators with super majorities in all the branches as well as a Democratic administration as being contentious with limited ability to get anything done is telling.



  3. Bob LeBlanc says:

    Dear Jules..when you actually write a message that is understandable I will respond. And it would be nice if you moved to Massachusetts! Cheers!


  4. Jules Gordon says:


    The insult? The sign of a lost argument.

    Better luck next time.



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