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No More Kicking Around of Michael Steele

Michael Steele was dumped yesterday as Chair of the Republican National Committee, with Reince Priebus of Wisconsin selected as his replacement. Steele has been a controversial Chairman who was good at self promotion but not so good at fundraising. He … Continue reading

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Michael Steele for RNC Chairman

I am on a clear losing streak with my endorsements of Republicans for party positions, as Michelle Bachmann has withdrawn from her run for House Republican Caucus Chair. As I contemplated the injustice of Michelle being summarily denied by the … Continue reading

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Steele on the Ropes Again

GOP Chairman Michael Steele is under withering fire from key members of his own party over remarks he made last week questioning our ability to win in Afghanistan and calling that war one of “Obama’s choosing”. The reaction from the … Continue reading

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Republican Presentation Appeals to Fear

Politico broke a great story last week detailing the Republican National Committee’s latest fundraising appeal. In addition to insulting major Republican donors the document shows Republican efforts to drive fundraising by painting the Obama Administration as socialist, and included slides … Continue reading

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Health Care Debate Goes On

The Health Care debate continues in Washington, with Republicans sensing some political opportunity from Democratic disagreement over financing health care reform. Republican Chair Michael Steele launched a broadside as part of a concerted Republican effort to undermine the President on … Continue reading

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Comic Relief

There have been continual postings here on the Massachusetts budget crisis, and the news really has been uniformly bad. As a Mayor it is hard to find something to smile about lately. But just when you might think that you … Continue reading

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Republicans Attack Specter by Linking Him to Bush

As Republicans squabble over the defection of Arlen Specter the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee unleashed a phone call in PA attacking Specter by reminding voters that he was endorsed by President George W. Bush in his last re-election campaign. I … Continue reading

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