Health Care Debate Goes On

The Health Care debate continues in Washington, with Republicans sensing some political opportunity from Democratic disagreement over financing health care reform. Republican Chair Michael Steele launched a broadside as part of a concerted Republican effort to undermine the President on this issue, and the President has sharpened his rhetoric in response. The President appears to have tacitly accepted the reality that his ambititous time frame for passage of health care legislation may be delayed. Read the Washington Post article on the Republican effort here.

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10 Responses to Health Care Debate Goes On

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    When you say that the Republicans “undermine” the President they are being disloyal?

    How about this “the Republicans are trying to save the country from a takeover by that Chicago Community Organizer in his drive to usurp the constitution and establish a socialist empire with support from his Legislative minions headed by the CIA hating speaker, Nancy Palosi”.

    Is that better?



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    No it is not better. The Republicans have been the group that traditionally questions folks loyalty, so I don’t think that argument has much merit. Leading Republicans have advocated defeating any health care change to stop the perceived political momentum of President Obama. Where I come from that is undermining. It is their absolute right to oppose, but I guess you see the status quo as something that in health is ok. I do not. It is my own view that the Republicans ought to do more than shill for insurance companies as we try to stop the cost escalations that are bankrupting the country.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Explain how a trillion plus dollar cost growth (CBO) can save money?

    I believe all interested health care industries are now gathering around the President and the Democrats.

    In fact most players in the health care, financial and industrial institutions are gathered around the Democrats.

    Democrats are the shills.

    I have signed on to the “I hope Obama’s policy fail”.

    I believe the more that people see of his confusing policies, the more his popularity dives.

    Could be the democrats are not waisting any time shooting themselves in the head.

    I am immune to your Republican insults.



  4. Fred Mertz says:

    And to add to the Mayor’s line, I see the Republican argument is to maintain the status quo for the top 5-10% earners in this country, as they’ve advocated for many years. The rest of us can deal with what they deign to trickle down.

    Aren’t enough people tired of being trickled on yet?



  5. Jules Gordon says:

    The top 5-10% pay 90% of the taxes. However, by the time the Racist President get through with them there will be no 5-10% to pay for anything.

    What to do them, Fred? Do the unwashed 50% who pay no taxes now join and pay their way?

    Dems are showing cracks. Focus on that for a while. If the healthcare bill fails it will be a Democratic failure.



  6. Fred Mertz says:


    If the top 5-10% is where the money is, then that’s where the taxes come from.

    But keep counting your chickens …

    Are you betting on the country to fail again?



  7. Fred Mertz says:

    This just hit me. Wow, am I dense.

    I thought all along that Republicans didn’t like taxes, and didn’t want to pay them. Now, Jules comes along and tells me that 50% of the potential taxpayers aren’t paying them. Here I thought he was mad because 50% aren’t paying them, as I would be. But, I guess he’s mad that 50% still *are* paying them, and that we have a ways to go before the Republican dream is realized, and no one is paying them.

    It’s funny how you can make these mistakes. Sorry, Jules!



  8. Jules Gordon says:

    Fred, old boy, I love that. Set 0 taxes for all as a long term goal, then come as close as you can.




  9. Fred Mertz says:

    There you go. At least now you’re OK with taxing the rich!



  10. Jules Gordon says:


    To sum up. This bill should go down in flames.



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