Michael Steele for RNC Chairman

I am on a clear losing streak with my endorsements of Republicans for party positions, as Michelle Bachmann has withdrawn from her run for House Republican Caucus Chair. As I contemplated the injustice of Michelle being summarily denied by the Republican establishment along comes another chance to make a difference. There apparently is a move afoot to oust Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele. This is nothing short of an outrage.

Sure, Michael Steele has come up way short as far as fundraising goes. But he has more than made up for a slight weakness in this area by his careful elucidation of Republican Party philosophy. People should, regardless of Party affiliation, be standing tall for Michael Steele to return as RNC Chair. As far as I am concerned this is a bipartisan issue. Steele must be returned!

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1 Response to Michael Steele for RNC Chairman

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Hmmmm, Your Honor, I detect a little 5th column spy work here. Are you conspiring to help maintain a dubious leader in a prominent position in order to help re-elect “Himself” to a second term?

    I like Michael but he has contracted a serious case of Bidenisn. I was very disappointed with Mr Steele’s performance. As the campaigns progressed I heard less and less from him.

    I will have to keep an eye you. I just placed an order for my black suit and dark eye shades.



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