Comic Relief

There have been continual postings here on the Massachusetts budget crisis, and the news really has been uniformly bad. As a Mayor it is hard to find something to smile about lately. But just when you might think that you may never laugh again along comes Michael Steele, and I can do another post on the best dargone Republican chair we dems have ever had. In his latest public prouncement Steele explains that the Republican base rejected Mitt Romney because of his flip flopping on abortion, as well as his Mormonism. The RNC issued the requisite “clarifications” at some later point. I wonder if the RNC has hired a full time “clarifications” staffer. Mike Huckabee joined the hit parade by insulting the new group of Republicans looking to rebrand the party. Great stuff by Huckabee. Romney is part of that new group, so I guess he gets it from both Steele and Huckabee. The Mittster is not feeling the love from some in the GOP. Thats a shame!


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4 Responses to Comic Relief

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Do you think Michael Steele is modeling himself after the original idiot chairman Howard ‘the screamer’ Dean?


  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Hum. Maybe. But, you think Steele is going to engineer a 50 state strategy that takes Congress and the White House?

    I just consulted my Magic 8 Ball:

    “Signs Point To No”.

    Guess not.



  3. Jules Gordon says:


    Your hero, Nancy Pelosi, will get us some seats back.

    Are you comfortable with Nancy writing the Health Care bill? Obama isn’t smart enough. Watch her apoplectic denials of her denials while denying her denials. And she’s going to write Health Care Bill.

    Good luck.



  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    How about some Nancy Pelosi videos if you want laughs.



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