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Methuen Santa Parade Today

Methuen’s Santa Parade begins at 1:00 p.m., as Santa makes his first visit to Methuen. The parade will begin on Pelham Street and end on Broadway, just before Oakland Avenue. Hope to see you all there.

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Song of the Week- Mayhem

It is the very talented Imelda May, who has done some great stuff with Jeff Beck, singing “Mayhem”.

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Methuen Recount

Mayoral candidate Al Dinuccio filed for a recount yesterday by submitting the required signatures to the Clerk’s office. The prospect for success is minimal, as the voting machines have a strong track record, but I think it best to do … Continue reading

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Let's Sequester (Or Brother Can You Spare a Nominal Dollar?)

The Super Committee is coming down the stretch, with nary an agreement in sight. It should not come as a surprise, as the very formation of the Committee was an outgrowth of the inability of Congress to reach a deal … Continue reading

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Gregg Workman is the November Artist of the Month

Mayor William M. Manzi has named Gregg Workman as November’s Artist of the Month. For Gregg, his passion for photography began at an early age and his “hobby” turned into a profession in 2003 when he started Gregg Workman Photographic … Continue reading

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Mitt Leads the Pack in NH

Mitt Romney, despite all the talk about other Republicans closing the gap, maintains a huge lead in New Hampshire in a new Bloomberg poll. Romney stands alone at 40%, with his nearest competitor being Ron Paul, who is at 17%. … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Hits the Airwaves

Elizabeth Warren has bought some air time starting today, putting out an introductory piece that manages to help tell who she is while keeping on her populist anti Wall Street message. Warren knows that there is big money from outside … Continue reading

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The Herman Cain Experience

I guess Rick Perry is off the hook, at least until the next debate. Herman Cain’s response to a simple question about Libya over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will provide at least a weeks worth of material over at … Continue reading

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Lets Trade

A very interesting segment on 60 Minutes last night. A conservative think tank produced the information that 60 Minutes used to produce the segment. Disturbing? Business as usual? A sign of the times? Congress is exempt from “insider trading laws”, … Continue reading

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Super-Committee Not So Super

The Super-Committee of Congress, formed after the battle over raising the federal debt ceiling, appears very close to failure (to achieving the goal of $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction). Under the deal struck at the time of the debt ceiling … Continue reading

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