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Methuen Veterans Day Service

Sorry about the poor quality of the sound. It was pretty windy.

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Saturday Music-Prospect Hill

So we are going to give you the Saturday music selection of the week from this point on, whether you like it or not. Why not start with the new release from my friends over at Prospect Hill. Great band, … Continue reading

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Quinnipiac Swing State Numbers

Quinnipiac this week released some polling numbers from three key swing states (FLA, Ohio, and PA). The polling pitted the President against Mitt Romney (as well as the other leading Republicans) in each state. The polling shows that reports of … Continue reading

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It has been assumed after every Republican debate that Rick Perry would surely right the ship and show that his prior train wreck of a performance was not the norm. But he just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper. … Continue reading

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In Ohio a state law promoted by Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Republican legislature that would have restricted collective bargaining rights for public sector unions, including police and fire, was repealed by voters. The law married two concepts: the … Continue reading

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Methuen Election Results, Or How the West Was Won

Methuen voted yesterday, producing a turnout of under 32%. In the closest Mayor’s race in Methuen history Steve Zanni defeated Al Dinuccio by 28 votes, 4439 to 4411. Zanni reversed the result from the primary, where he had finished second … Continue reading

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The Romney Plan

Mitt Romney made some news last week by announcing his plans for the federal budget. His speech, and the details behind it, provided a glimpse at what a Romney Administration would look like on budget issues. And yet there was … Continue reading

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With all of the stories being written about the Chelsea Housing Authority I am incredulous that some folks would be pointing a finger at City Manager Jay Ash. Although I am a Mayor I really do not know Manager Ash, … Continue reading

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Storm Thoughts

Methuen still has many households without power, although the number has come down significantly. I will post more later today. Most of my storm posting has been done on my Facebook page and through twitter. You can find me on … Continue reading

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And the Hits Just Keep Coming

Poor Mitt Romney. He has Rick Perry readying a major air assault with his multi-million dollar bankroll, and now he has a Super-Pac aligned with the President lobbing some artillery in to soften up the likely Republican nominee before the … Continue reading

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