Elizabeth Warren Hits the Airwaves

Elizabeth Warren has bought some air time starting today, putting out an introductory piece that manages to help tell who she is while keeping on her populist anti Wall Street message. Warren knows that there is big money from outside Massachusetts that will attempt to define her (see Rove,Karl and Crossroads GPS ad below) and she is going to beat Scott Brown to the punch.

Massachusetts will have the most watched Senate race in the nation next year. Both candidates will be well funded, and outside interest groups will spend a fortune on this race. It is very early but Elizabeth Warren has put together a top team that has managed to drive every major Democrat to the sidelines, and in my view is beating Scott Brown to the punch early. Brown still has great numbers, and this race was always going to be difficult no matter who the Democratic nominee ended up being. But Warren and her team deserve some credit for getting out of the gate so quickly and managing a very good message so effectively.

I say, as of today, this race leans Democratic.

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2 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Hits the Airwaves

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    One more proud socialist vote for Obama for the $300,000 teacher.



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    “Who I am”

    She’s the Queen of OWS.

    Your Democrats are brilliant: Al Gore invents the Internet and Elizabeth, the $300,000, hard luck story, invents the Children’s Crusades OWS.



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