Mitt Leads the Pack in NH

Mitt Romney, despite all the talk about other Republicans closing the gap, maintains a huge lead in New Hampshire in a new Bloomberg poll. Romney stands alone at 40%, with his nearest competitor being Ron Paul, who is at 17%. Newt is third at 11%, and all others are below 10%. Jon Huntsman, who has really staked his candidacy on a strong showing here, has bolted from 2% to 7%, placing him behind Herman Cain. I guess you can say Huntsman has tripled his support, and I am no longer able to make snarky remarks about his 2%, but he is still toast. Romney, despite no real substantive effort, is in the top tier in Iowa as well. The Romney train is sounding the whistle, and slowly chugging out of the station. Will the conservatives be able to derail him? Michelle Bachmann has a new ad out that skewers the entire field, including Romney. Too little, too late???

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1 Response to Mitt Leads the Pack in NH

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I am hoping for an Obama-Newt debate. Mr. Hope and Change vs The Brain. No teleprompters.



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