Mitt Does the Top Ten

Mitt Romney, in the middle of a media blitz, appeared on Letterman hawking his book “No Apology” and doing the top ten list. Letterman better get some better writers.

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2 Responses to Mitt Does the Top Ten

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Now Your Honor, I see your sense of humor is ideological as well. I thought is was cute. self-deprecating, always sign of a secure man.

    I didn’t think that was too bad. After all Letterman is a Lefty too, but unlike yourself, he’s a dope. (See interview with Bill O’Reilly)



  2. Summer Lindstrom says:

    Mitt Romeny was not a very good Governor. I cannot imagine that he would make a very good president either. I don’t believe he ever would have been re-elected had he run again for governor here and I don’t think the masses will buy his wooden Ken doll look, hair and smile. Just not a very sincere candidate at all.


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