PSA From Methuen Fire Chief Buote

A public service announcement from Methuen Fire Chief Steve Buote. If you need assistance in clearing a hydrant please call 978-983-8940.

Public Service Announcement

Methuen Fire Department Asks for Assistance in Clearing Snow from Fire Hydrants and Exits

Tuesday, January 25,2011

Methuen Fire Chief Steven Buote is asking for assistance from residents to ensure that fire hydrants on their streets are shoveled so that they can be accessed by firefighters if necessary. In the event of a fire emergency, the fire hydrants are the first line of defense. It is very important that they are accessible. Should a fire occur, precious seconds could be lost if the fire hydrant is not accessible.Although on-duty Fire Department personnel are out clearing hydrants daily, it is virtually impossible to clear all 1620 city hydrants in a timely fashion. With the recent back-to-back
storms that we’ve endured, the task is that much more challenging. Any assistance from the public is very much appreciated. If you have a fire hydrant in front of your home or business, please take the time to uncover it.
Residents are being asked to be mindful of the hydrants and not pile snow on or near a hydrant when clearing driveways and sidewalks. “Valuable time is saved when fire crews do not have to dig out a hydrant when responding to fire calls,” says Chief Buote. “When a fire emergency occurs, seconds do count; the time saved by fire crews being able to have immediate access to water to fight a fire may be the difference between life and death. ” Chief Buote is also recommending citizens clear snow and ice from around exit doors to ensure that an escape from a fire emergency is possible, as well as furnace vents to prevent malfunction. Building owners and landlords should check their buildings and clear snow as required.

Save-a-Life / Adopt-a-Hydrant

For more information, contact Methuen Fire Department 978-983-8940

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