Callie Bateson is the November SOAR Award Winner

Mr. James Giuca, Principal of Methuen High School and Mrs. Debra Thomas Math Coordinator are proud to announce the Soar Award Winner in Mathematics for 2010-2011 is Callie Bateson.

Callie is the daughter of Neil and Cynthia Bateson. She lives at 20 Medford Avenue. Callie has been nominated to be the Soar Award winner in Mathematics by her AP Calculus teacher Mrs. Meredith Moore and her Honors Pre-Calculus teacher Mrs. Susan McGrath. As a senior at Methuen High School Callie ranks 6th out of 418 in her class maintaining a 4.19 grade point average. She has taken all Honors and AP courses throughout her entire high school career. Mrs. Moore said that Callie caught her attention in AP Calculus class right away. She is a great abstract thinker and has the ability to think beyond what has been taught. Callie picks up the AP concepts quickly and rarely asks for more clarification. Mrs. Moore said it is also impressive that Callie has the ability to balance a very demanding schedule taking 4 AP courses this year and not having the luxury of the AP Enhancement block because she is a band student. As an Honors Pre-Calculus student last year, Mrs. McGrath stated that Callie always strived for excellence as she demonstrated on her final exam achieving a 96%. She has a great ability to problem solve and find the correct answer to difficult problems. Her guidance counselor, Mr. Simon McCaffrey said that she is not only sweet and competent but she never seems to be overwhelmed by all that surrounds her because she so solution oriented.

Callie has been an active member of our high school band for four years which commits her to many additional hours of practice, performances and games to attend. Mr. Walters says that “Callie is a strong and effective leader in the clarinet section”. In her spare time, Callie also does some horseback riding

Callie aspires to be a marine biologist. Her first choices are Rollins in Florida and Roger Williams in Rhode Island. We are quite sure that Callie will have many choices in her decision making for next year. Congratulations Callie from the entire math department at Methuen High School.

Callie Bateson is November SOAR Award Winner

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