The State Auditors Race

Jim Braude had Mary Z Connaughton and Suzanne Bump on for a debate yesterday, and it got a little testy. I am sort of shocked at what I consider a real poor performance by Connaughton, who just refused to answer some questions directly. And those questions were tailor made for her. Will you roll back the retroactive raises given by Auditor Denucci? Neither handled it well. The right answer, in my view, is rescind, and reevaluate. Connaughton had a chance and blew it. Bump gave the expected answer. Connaughton also dodged the Polito/pension question! And her dodges were very uncomfortable. Bump at least answered, even if you don’t like what she said. Connaughton blew the answer on the Pacheco Law, as well as the sales tax question. Painful performance by Mary Z.

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