Suffolk PA Poll Results

Suffolk pollster David Paleologos has just reported out poll results in two key races in PA. The U.S. Senate race has garnered the most attention, with Arlen Specter first driven out of the Republican Party by the candidacy of Pat Toomey, and then defeated in the Democratic primary by Joe Sestak. Now the Club for Growth favorite Toomey is pitted against military man Joe Sestak, and it is a real race. Paleologos has Toomey in front by a 45% to 40% margin. Sestak is an ornery independent type of guy who made headlines when he said he was offered a job by the Obama Administration to drop his challenge to Specter. His military manner and hard work ethic have made him a scourge of paid staff, who he burns through pretty rapidly. He is a bulldog, and may be one of the few Dems in PA capable of staying close to Toomey.

Despite all that Toomey has the lead, and has held it consistently post primary. Toomey is trying to hang the liberal tag on Sestak, and it has had some effect, with Sestak dragging around the heavy baggage of House leadership in moderate PA. President Obama won PA comfortably, beating McCain by 11 points. But independents continue to flee the Democratic brand. The race has been tough, and with the numbers staying close it is bound to get much tougher.

In the PA Governors race Republican Tom Corbett leads Democrat Dan Onorato by a 47% to 40% margin. With redistricting set to occur these Governors races are critically important. And with 2012 right around the corner the Republicans could seize control of some key states, making the environment a little bit chilly for the Obama re-election drive.

Read the Suffolk press release here.

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