Follow the Tea- Nevada

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, despite a huge fusillade of Harry Reid negative ads, has pulled even with the Senate Majority Leader in the latest Rasmussen survey. The latest numbers from Rasmussen have Reid and Angle at 48% (with leaners), a dead heat. Rasmussen shows both candidates with over 50% unfavorable, not surprising considering the negative tone of the campaign. An interesting note is that both Democrats and Republicans have now come home in this race, with both receiving over 80% support from voters affiliated with their parties. But Angle leads by nine points amongst independents, which should be a major concern to Reid and Democrats. If Sharron Angle can lead amongst independents then this is going to be one rough election cycle for Democrats.

Immigration is a big issue in Nevada, and Rasmussen shows that a majority of Nevada voters favor an Arizona type law to deal with immigration. And Angle is on the air whacking Reid over the head on that subject. Reid responded right away, so he recognizes the inherent danger for him on the issue. Both ads are below. Of course Rasmussen rates this a toss-up.

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1 Response to Follow the Tea- Nevada

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    My dream; Reid Goes-Palosi Goes. Finally Barak H. Obama Goes. We can throw Niki Tsongas Goes.

    That’s all I ask.



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