The Treasurers Race

With Tim Cahill vacating the Treasurer’s spot there is a real race to succeed him, featuring Democrat Steve Grossman and Republican Karen Polito. Grossman has served as chair of both the state and national Democratic Party, and has been a prolific fundraiser for the Party. He is the owner of a business, which has been very successful. Karen Polito is a Republican State Representative from Shrewsbury. Sparring during the debate was lively, with disagreements on Polito’s position that politicians should not be eligible for state pensions, and on Grossman’s position on an income tax rollback to 5 percent. Some pretty good sparring over the sales tax as well. Good debate, worth the watch.

The Treasurers Debate Part 1

The Treasurers Debate Part 2

Treasurers Debate Part 3

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