Methuen Awarded Community Development Block Grant

My thanks to Governor Deval Patrick and Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, as well as Reps. Linda Campbell and Barbara L’Italien, as well as Senator Steve Baddour.

$668,071.00 Grant Will Be Used To Fund Several Programs

Mayor William M. Manzi, III announced today that Methuen has received a $668,071.00 federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The grant will enable the City to continue several programs that aid Methuen residents and social service organizations.

The Community Development Block Grant, provided through the federal government and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, provides services to Methuen residents, particularly low and moderate-income elders, persons with disabilities, and low and moderate-income households.

The CDBG grant provides residents of Methuen with a housing rehabilitation program to assist with safety/code improvements, and accessibility improvement to elderly and disabled residents when necessary. The grant also supports a full time Code Enforcement Officer, providing daily monitoring and enforcement of code violations within the City’s target area.

Grant funds also allow the City to provide important youth services through the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood Community Center, child care services through the Merrimack Valley YMCA, adult literacy training through the Nevins Memorial Library, and transportation assistance through the Council on Aging.

“This grant will enable Methuen to preserve many valuable housing and social service programs,” said Methuen Mayor William M. Manzi, III. He also thanked the Rep. Niki Tsongas, Governor Deval Patrick, and Methuen’s Legislative Delegation for securing the grant. He credited the hard work of his staff and the Methuen Community Development Department for completing and tracking the grant application.

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2 Responses to Methuen Awarded Community Development Block Grant

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    Mr. Mayor your first paragraph offers thanks to Goobener Patrick and Rep.Tsongas et al with Sen. Baddour comming in last! Hmmm, was he just an afterthought perhaps? Your last paragraph you again THANK Patrick & Tsongas leaving out the people who DESERVE THANKS, THE SUFFERING TAXPAYERS! It is the taxpayers who PROVIDE the monies that allow for BLOCK GRANTS.
    P.S. Is Jules ok? We haven’t seen any of his postings lately.


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    Ben- Have not heard from Jules in a bit. The blog is not the same without his input. As far as taxpayer money funding the Block Grants no doubt it is true. But these grants are competitive, and if the money is going to be spent anyway I prefer that it be spent in Methuen. On that basis Senator Baddour, Rep. Campbell, and Congresswoman Tsongas deserve our thanks. The Governor does as well.


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