RGA Launches on Cahill Again

Haley Barbour, in town for a National Governors Conference, is making his presence felt once more in the Massachusetts Governors race, unleashing a new wave of ads paid for by the Republican Governors Association targeting Tim Cahill. Cahill saw his poll numbers plunge after the last wave of RGA ads hit, and this ad buy will likely add to his difficulties. Cahill responded in the Boston Herald by calling out Barbour.

“If he (Barbour) ever wants to see me, he can come to Quincy. I’m here anytime,” Cahill said.

“How would a guy from Mississippi know what my record is? He should focus on his own state which is suffering right now,” he added. “These guys are more focused on their Washington agendas. When I’m governor, I’ll come down to Mississippi and straighten out his state as well.”

Somebody in his media operation should tell Tim Cahill that insulting Haley Barbour will not help him politically. Nobody really cares about Haley Barbour. But the ads are obviously having an impact, and not just on Tim Cahill’s poll numbers. His cash on hand is dropping, as anemic fundraising and his last media buy that cost about $400,000 whittle his war-chest and call in to question his strategic plan. Will he still be standing after this media buy by the RGA, and how can he counter it with no money?


RGA Ad – Tim Cahill: “Patronage” from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

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1 Response to RGA Launches on Cahill Again

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    Tim is toast, and he knows it. He’s more a Judas Goat or a Stalking Horse for Patrick, meant to draw enough votes away from Baker to assure a Patrick win. 😦


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