Sophomoric Hijinks

Charlie Baker released an internet ad yesterday that took advantage of some technical difficulties Governor Patrick had during a Fox-25 interview, trying to score points at the Governor’s expense by using the Fox video. I don’t consider it a big deal, but the Baker folks better do a little better than that if they hope to close the gap. And over at Tim Cahill was claiming that Massachusetts grants illegal immigrants drivers licenses and in-state tuition, neither of which is true.

“Governor Patrick is not enforcing our own laws here in Massachusetts by granting licenses for illegal immigrants and giving them in-state tuition breaks,’’ Cahill wrote. “That is wrong and will be changed under a Cahill administration.’’

Can’t change something that is not there Tim. The requisite “clarification” was soon issued.

Asked about the misstatement, Cahill’s chief of staff, Amy Birmingham, said in an e-mail: “We are aware that currently these thing[s] are not happening. The point that was being made is that the governor is for in-state tuition for illegals and granting them licenses.’’

The Governor hit back at Baker:

“Like much of Charlie Baker’s campaign, this juvenile ad is based on a lie. It is not surprising that Charlie Baker would turn the technical difficulties of a Fox news interview into a cheap shot.”

He seemed to just ignore Cahill.

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