Toomey v Sestak in PA

Yes Joe Sestak did indeed bump Arlen Specter out in PA, which leads to a very interesting final campaign in November, with Republican Pat Toomey waiting in the wings for Sestak. This should be an interesting race, with the candidates presenting starkly different outlooks on the role of government. Toomey is a Club for Growth Republican, with Sestak being a left of center Democrat. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows the men locked in a very tight struggle, with a slight edge to Toomey. Today’s Washington Post details the beginning outlines of what promises to be a great race. A loss by Sestak will not bode well for President Obama’s chances of retaing PA in his re-election bid in 2012. The President has experienced plummeting poll numbers in PA. Look for both parties to invest heavily here.

The Clear Choice from Pat Toomey on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Toomey v Sestak in PA

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Isn’t “Left of Center Democrat” a redundant term?



  2. Ben Nevis says:

    Jules, it is a “redundant” term but could it also be an “oxymronic” term?


  3. Jules Gordon says:


    I agree, it probably is moronic. I guess the “left of center” democrat is being bought off.

    Is this a shocker, or what.



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