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Rand Paul: Real Republican Ideology

Rand Paul, in the inverse of the politically weak House Republican effort, took to the Subway interview series on ABC to talk about the $500 billion dollar in cuts he is proposing to this years budget. Unlike the House Republicans, … Continue reading

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What is Rand Paul Right About?

Senator Elect Rand Paul gave a national interview to Christiane Amanpour, and although he took some heat from her for refusing to give specific answers as to where he would cut the budget (which has been typical of Republican doublespeak … Continue reading

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Aqua Buddha?

In Kentucky Democratic Attorney General and candidate for U.S. Senate Jack Conway has unleashed an ad attacking Republican Rand Paul for an event that allegedly happened in college and that hits at Paul’s religious beliefs. It has turned a nasty … Continue reading

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Rand Paul on Defense

Tea Party favorite Rand Paul was a huge winner in the Kentucky Republican Senate primary, trouncing the favored candidate of established Republicans by a wide margin. His victory has been heralded as a rebuke to the political class and a … Continue reading

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