RGA Continues to Pound Cahill

The RGA assault on Tim Cahill continues unabated, and the latest Rasmussen poll shows it is having some impact. Today’s Herald has some commentary on the Cahill situation, with Howie Carr telling Cahill to “man up” or get out. Carr seems to have homed in on the problem pretty well. Cahill has to suffer the blows now, because he cannot raise enough money to respond or to even define himself to the electorate. And a second Herald column by Atty. John Sivolella continues this line, with the obvious flaws in Cahill’s strategy now beginning to become apparent. Cahill is conserving cash now to make sure he will have the resources to compete coming down the stretch, but by then it may be too late. A difficult quandary for Tim and for independents in general. The cash simply dries up. And the RGA has plenty more to spend, along with Democratic interest groups as well. A difficult road ahead for Tim.


Tim Cahill: I Wasn’t Invited from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

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1 Response to RGA Continues to Pound Cahill

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Big story here is Charlie Baker has to get off his butt and get to work.



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