Baker Launches "Had Enough" Tour

Republican Charlie Baker has launched the “had enough” tour, unveiling a new campaign slogan and internet ad targeting Governor Patrick and Treasurer Tim Cahill. With criticism of his campaign beginning to ramp up Baker does apparently need to shake things up a bit. Time will tell whether this tactic will work, but I think Baker has not yet “introduced” himself to the voters, and so I tend to agree with the Outraged Liberal who cites Baker’s lack of voter definition as something that needed to be addressed before he went negative. The Globe has a piece on Baker’s new theme, with the Governor calling on Baker to stop the negativity. But Baker’s team pointed to the negative ads run in 2006 against Kerry Healey by the Patriot Majority, with Governor Patrick at first denying those ads were negative, but later backtracking.

But yesterday the governor asserted that the group that ran the ads, the Patriot Majority Fund, “did not run negative attack ads.’’ Asked to explain Patrick’s characterization, his campaign later issued a statement acknowledging that the ads were negative.

“In 2006, a negative preprimary ad was run by a third party and was denounced by the governor and his campaign,’’ the statement said. “That is exactly what the governor was calling on Charles Baker to do today.’’

A lot more give and take to come, but Charlie Baker’s team is hearing the criticism and reading the polling data. They know they need to change gears, but I am not sure they have the right formula yet in this three man race.

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3 Responses to Baker Launches "Had Enough" Tour

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    What do you think of the effectiveness of the Republican Governor’s Cahill ads? Seems to have pushed Cahill aside, exposing Patric to a well deserved assault.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    From Baker’s perspective I think he needed to marginalize Cahill as quickly as possible. That detour has allowed the Governor to stay above the battle and recover some ground lost while Baker and Cahill slug it out. Don’t think Baker has of yet run a real great campaign, but there is plenty of time to go.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    We agree. What about that?



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