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Reid Makes His Move

Majority Leader Harry Reid yesterday made the move that all have been awaiting, unveiling a Health Care Bill that will be the focus of an intense legislative battle in the Senate. Reid’s bill has received a positive fiscal score from … Continue reading

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Jacob Cohen is the recipient of the SOAR Award for Mathematics

Jacob Cohen was recognized at our last School Committee meeting for his outstanding achievement in math and science. An 800 on the SAT’s? WOW! I struggled to hit 800 combined English and Math! Great job Jacob. Jacob scored a perfect … Continue reading

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Senate Dems Struggle to Get to Sixty

The effort by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to find consensus that will get him sixty votes to consider health care reform in the Senate continues to be a difficult task, with the Congressional Budget Office playing a large role … Continue reading

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Job Growth? Not With These Numbers

The President is focusing on the horrific job situation, and he here announces a job creation forum to be held in December. But regardless of forums today’s Boston Globe detailed (again) the huge hike coming for small business in the … Continue reading

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Where's the Beef?

Yes those old Wendy commercials, which Walter Mondale brought into political debate, have now been introduced in Methuen! Jamie Atkinson and George Scione have brought a new show called “Politically Active” to Methuen Public Access Television, and here is their … Continue reading

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November Artist of the Month

MAYOR MANZI NAMES KATE ZEHNTER AS NOVEMBER’S ARTIST OF THE MONTH Methuen Artist’s Work on Display in the Mayor’s Office Mayor William M. Manzi has named Kate Zehnter as November’s Artist of the Month. Kate has been an art educator … Continue reading

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The President on Veterans Day and Ft. Hood

President Obama, on Veterans Day and on the Fort Hood tragedy.

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Calvin Kattar Recognized

The Methuen City Council had Methuen martial arts champion Calvin Kattar in to receive a citation and a proclamation recognizing his outstanding achievements in his field. Calvin is a Methuen High School graduate, and the City of Methuen is proud … Continue reading

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Methuen's Veterans Day Celebration

A salute to all of our Veterans, and a recognition that the freedoms we have and often take for granted are with us because of the blood and sacrifice of our veterans. Methuen’s Veteran’s Day celebration was wonderful, with a … Continue reading

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State Looks at Pension Extension

The State House News Service is reporting that Governor Patrick is looking to have pension legislation ready for the Legislature by January that would extend the full funding schedule to 2040 and help the Commonwealth as well as localities avoid … Continue reading

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