Calvin Kattar Recognized

The Methuen City Council had Methuen martial arts champion Calvin Kattar in to receive a citation and a proclamation recognizing his outstanding achievements in his field. Calvin is a Methuen High School graduate, and the City of Methuen is proud of his accomplishments.

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2 Responses to Calvin Kattar Recognized

  1. jgodsey says:

    Whom do i have to talk to about getting notified of city events?
    I am of course referring to city council Calvin Kattar’s award as well as other news worthy items that the city insists on keeping to itself.
    It is bad enough that promoting Methuen and its events is not on the agenda of the Merrimack Valley’s paper of record
    but it doesn’t seem to be on its OWN agenda.


  2. Bill Manzi says:


    This event happened at a City Council meeting. Just show up for City Council meetings and you won’t miss any proclamations. Check with Matt every week and he will get you a list of things I am scheduled to be at.



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