The President on the Economy

President Obama talks about the uptick in GDP, and some of the beneficial impacts of the Stimulus passed earlier this year. The jobs situation remains bleak, and the President candidly acknowledges that. But he accentuates the positive, and speaks to the stabilizing effect of the actions of the federal government. As we swing into the midterms with unemployment at 10 percent or better what will happen politically in the House? Will the Dems suffer a wipeout, or lose seats but hold on to the majority? No question that the President is giving the midterms plenty of thought.

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1 Response to The President on the Economy

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Great News folks. Everything is getting better. The GDP grew by 3% (Stock Market tanked over 200 points). We save a million jobs (Joe Biden) all the while 3 million people pound the pavement looking for work.

    If it gets any better I couldn’t stand it.

    Poised in the wings is that job generating monster, that master of all tax increases, the Pelosi/Obama healthcare monster (Dr’s 21% payout cuts waiting in wings.)

    If only I had my ‘friends’……… You got them in spades.



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