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Trauma Intervention Program Annual Banquet

The Trauma Intervention Program had their annual banquet on Thursday evening, and it was a great event. This program does an enormous amount of good, and is staffed with dedicated people who volunteer their services. Congratulations to Jayan Landry, the … Continue reading

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President Obama on Memorial Day

The Presidents Weekly Address, talking about the significance of Memorial Day.

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The National Security Duel

President Obama and former V.P. Dick Cheney gave dueling speeches yesterday, each giving their viewpoint on national security issues focused on the “enhanced interrogation techniques” favored by Cheney and disdained by Obama. The point-counterpoint covered the areas that have led … Continue reading

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Together We Can, Together We Must

With tensions continuing to ratchet up between the Governor and the Legislature it appears that opposition to Governor Patrick has created bipartisan comity in the State Senate. The Governor has reiterated his threat to veto the sales tax hike, calling … Continue reading

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Republicans Take on the Speaker

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is under withering fire from the Republicans, although I doubt that any real damage has been done to her. As best I understand the Republican starting argument they say that Pelosi is guilty of not objecting to … Continue reading

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Sales Tax Increase Passes Senate

The increase in the sales tax passed the State Senate tonight, increasing the rate to 6.25%. This increase is exactly what the House passed, and guarantees the Governor will be faced with the issue of holding to his veto threat … Continue reading

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State Senate Predictions

The State Senate will today begin budget deliberations, and first up will be revenue amendments. It appears likely that the Senate will follow the House by passing an increase in the sales tax to 6.25% from 5%. It now appears … Continue reading

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Lacrosse Comes to Methuen

Methuen’s Recreation Department has just started a lacrosse league, and recently had its first home game at the stadium. It was a great event, and I was delighted to be there to see the kids enjoying this great sport. We … Continue reading

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Governor Sanford Mumbles a Non Response

The Republican Party has been born again on the evils of deficit spending, after running up some pretty big red ink while they were in charge. And yet despite the Republicans new found enthusiasm for deficit fighting they seem to … Continue reading

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Lt. Governor on Statewide Forums

Lt. Governor Tim Murray talks about the series of statewide community forums taking place across Massachusetts on the budget and economy.

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