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Another Speaker In a Huff

Governor Deval Patrick yesterday called the State Legislature to task for going out of formal session, going to the state house press room personally to urge the Speaker to call the Legislature back into session. The Governor is upset with … Continue reading

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State Senate Predictions

The State Senate will today begin budget deliberations, and first up will be revenue amendments. It appears likely that the Senate will follow the House by passing an increase in the sales tax to 6.25% from 5%. It now appears … Continue reading

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Panel on State Finance Delivers Grim News

The panel on state finance convened by State Senator Steve Baddour met at Northern Essex last night, and the news was uniformly grim. With the State Senate poised to deliver a budget today that will be even more austere than … Continue reading

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Budget Alarms on Beacon Hill

State tax collections plunged 35% in April, and more importantly they plunged 20% below the newly revised budget benchmark set by the Governor only three weeks ago. That number appears to have shocked Beacon Hill, with the FY2009 budget deficit … Continue reading

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The Speaker Makes His (Tax) Move

Speaker Bob Deleo has finally shown his hand on revenues, coming out for a 1.25% increase in the sales tax. Both the Globe and Herald are reporting that the Speaker will support this increase, with the hope that the increase … Continue reading

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