Governor Sanford Mumbles a Non Response

The Republican Party has been born again on the evils of deficit spending, after running up some pretty big red ink while they were in charge. And yet despite the Republicans new found enthusiasm for deficit fighting they seem to have plenty of trouble articulating where they might be willing to make cuts that really save money. Here we have the Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, hemming and hawing over what specific cuts he would make to reduce the federal deficit. Wants to keep talking about a few things in South Carolina while Chris Matthews justs asks him to name one federal program he would cut. He ends up at Social Security, advocating for a private system. No word from this interview whether Governor Sanford would raise taxes to pay the multi trillion dollar bridge costs associated with privatizing social security. Great video, lifted directly from Daily Kos.

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3 Responses to Governor Sanford Mumbles a Non Response

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I was wondering where you got your stuff. I had you typed as too smart to come up with this mind dumbing commentary on your own. But since it’s the dailey kos I see you are not as ill as I imagined.

    A releaved Jules


  2. Bill Manzi says:


    The classic misdirection. I, like Kos, just took the video from Hardball. The real question goes unattended. Where are the cuts that Republican “deficit hawks” would make. After all the House Republican budget alternative ran big deficits. So we hear the criticism, but we see no proposals. Sanford has been a big critic of federal spending, yet when he is asked where the cuts should come from he just mumbles. Pretty weak, Jules. On this blog I have criticized plenty of Dems when they can’t back up what they say. Why don’t you join me in saying that the Sanford response was non-existent?



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    For Issues pursuant to our state budget headaches,I have read your entries praising a bunch of liars (reform before revenue) who do not have the courage to remove the Union and legislator’s perks and benefits in order to help bring budgets in line to mediate tax increases. They have forum and meeting without a clue how to relieve our budget problems.

    1. Massachusetts legislators do not mean what they say.

    2. And yes Sanford response was non-existent?

    The forth coming financial disasters belong to your Democrats. Nancy Pelosi and Obama have no desire to include any Republican input.

    Take the credit or the blame for your super debt and the ensuing inflation to follow.

    Are we now in agreement?



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