Republicans and Budget Writing Part Two

I know I already posted on this but it was worth a second post. A budget without numbers? The Democrats pounce, and John Boehner ends up with more egg on his face. How long before the Republican caucus sacks this guy? The Democrats ought to be hoping for a long tenure as Minority Leader for Boehner.

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10 Responses to Republicans and Budget Writing Part Two

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    The Un-Revolution; the end of constitutional America.

    Brilliant piece. I agree, Boehner has to go. Not much in the way in the way of stellar leadership available. Certainly nothing like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (thank God).

    I ask you one question; How is this so different than creating a 800 billion dollar stimulus bill, allowing no time to read it and voting on it different than a budget with no money? Hell, at least there will be nothing added to the deficit.

    Another thing, what happened to that fellow who used to whine about 500 million dollars in deficits and who has nothing to say about his crowd as we look forward to 12 trillion or more for your children and grandchildren to clean up?



  2. Bill Manzi says:

    I might ask the same question of you, my friend, who used to minimize my deficit concerns. I have the same concerns I had back when W was the President. We may need a new deficit post, which I hope to get to shortly. For now let me give you a short version.

    1) I agree with the President that deficit spending short term was absolutely essential. Like just about everyone else that comments on these matters I have my own ideas about how the stimulus bill could have been much better, and I would accept some of the obvious criticisms that are easy to make. But we needed a large stimulus package.

    2) I believe that the President is on dangerous fiscal ground in looking at deficits of the size contemplated. But I am in real agreement that energy and health care need to be fixed, for without real fixes there I do not see a fiscal recovery that will work. As I said when there was a Republican President if it is worth doing then it is worth paying for. If you cannot pay for it then do not do it. Simplistic to some degree, but even Krugman has noted that the deficits contemplated will require new revenue. Thats all for now! We can slug it out on the deficit posting coming soon.


  3. Jim says:

    Budget?! What a piece of crap!


  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I believe this President is leading in to two disastrous directions;

    1.A possible 12 trillion dollar deficit, far beyond the amounts we use to argue over. It will, in my opinion, require us to to print money which will lead to disastrous inflation.

    2. President is trying to enact all his pet project, Universal health care, Union check off card, school “reform” (there is that word again), The bank seizure atrocity and a host of other Social Engineering programs designed to grow the Federal Government and change the nature of our Republic.

    The un-revolution.

    Now, I realize that Obama was elected, convincingly, by an electorate (including you) that bought into his Hope and Change story.

    I will, however, fight to keep my country from being europeanized.

    All this other stuff is meaningless when compared to the basic issues.

    Other than that how’s every thing going?



  5. Jules Gordon says:

    See you in the deficit wars.


  6. Fred Mertz says:


    Hasn’t that strawman you keep fighting given up yet? Time for the bayonet?



  7. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Fox News Alert. The Republicans will present their long awaited budget on Wednesday, with numbers.

    This despite their premature release of the report cover.



  8. Fred Mertz says:

    I heard that, too. Were they attacked like Geithner for um, premature release?

    Did Fox also note that Wednesday is April Fool’s Day?

    Can’t wait for the late night comedians!



  9. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor and Fred,

    April 1st, good point. Maybe it is a joke.

    One question; if the Republicans, strictly by accident, came out with a superior budget, would the Democrat majority even give it a notice?



  10. Fred Mertz says:


    You’re speaking in complete hypothetical, right?

    And, it’s been a long running joke. Too long, in fact.



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