Obama Responds to Disaster in Dakotas

President Obama has been bringing federal disaster relief to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, and spends this week’s address talking about that situation. A nice job done professionally. Who says that being President is all about ideology?

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4 Responses to Obama Responds to Disaster in Dakotas

  1. Gerard Donahue says:

    Mayor Manzi and everyone:

    Here is the Republican response to the Presidents Weekly Radio address given by Senator Judd Gregg(R-NH)


  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Mr. Mayor:

    Looks like the anti-Katrina response to me. At least someone learned something.

    (sorry, back to the ideology again: a government that helps instead of hurts …)



  3. Bill Manzi says:

    Well I don’t think that pointing out incompetence borne out of laziness has anything to do with ideology. I think it has to do with promoting good management. We need more of that in government.


  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    So you need more of “that” in Government? I believe your last entry is the same response you gave when you said, “If only we can get our friends in office”.

    Well, Deval Patric won, the mass General court dumped some Republicans and look at the management we have.



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