Methuen’s FY2009 Budget Cuts

I brought forward the cuts to Methuen’s budget that were necessitated by the mid year cut to local aid imposed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have made the cuts without the necessity, in this fiscal cycle, for layoffs of personnel. These cuts have required us however to sacrifice services and impose some pain. I have exempted, in this cycle, the Methuen Senior Center and the Nevins Library from mid year cuts, as these two entities would have seen dramatic service cuts immediately had they faced the budgetary ax. The City Council last night approved these cuts unanimously.

Insurance premiums: $74,573

Public Works, electricity: $180,000

Fire, overtime: $125,000

Tailings: $154,845

Police, safe haven coordinator: $24,699

Police, election and polls: $6,615 (already saved from this year)

Police, rapid response SWAT team: $11,969 (cut from training)

Police, honor guard equipment: $630

Police, printing/communication: $7,000

Police, travel for meetings in state: $8,463

Police, bullet-proof vests: $12,000

Police, tuition (for training): $3,000

Police, fuel: $5,000

Police, photocopy supplies: $2,000

Police, vehicle maintenance: $25,000

Police, drugs and medical supplies (first aid): $3,182

Police, office supplies: $3,361

Police, firearm supplies: $5,329

Police, identification cards: $2,000

Police, new personnel uniforms: $1,348

Police, cruiser equipment: $3,400

Total: $659,418

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2 Responses to Methuen’s FY2009 Budget Cuts

  1. Summer says:

    $659,000 is a huge number to have to cut with only four months left in the fiscal year. That no one is losing a job, that no essential services are being cut, that our Library remains open and fully staffed is just great. Methuen is very lucky to have the leadership we have in Mayor Manzi and to the extent that the Dept. heads are willing to work with him to effect these budget cuts so far into the fiscal year is great as well! Looks like Methuen is just about the best managed City in the Merrimack Valley. Go Methuen!!


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    A well managed and thoughtful act. You are to be truly congratulated.

    How many more of these cut packages do you have considering things aren’t going to get better soon?

    Does the stimulus welfare package have anything in terms of city budget relief for the city?



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