Obama Rides High in WSJ Poll

President Barack Obama continues to be very popular with the American public according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey.

Overall, two-thirds of all Americans say they feel “hopeful” about Mr. Obama’s leadership and plans, compared with 28% who say they feel “doubtful.”

The President continues to get high marks in many areas, and is still the choice of a wide majority in terms of stewardship of the economy. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel attributes the President’s popularity to the American publics trust in him.

“The American people trust him and like him,” Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, said in an interview. “That’s how you make change possible, because it’s not threatening but accessible.”

And the survey holds continued bad news for the Republican minority, with the public appearing to question their motivations in a bad way.

The poll had bad news for the Republican opposition. By a margin of more than 2-1, Americans trust the Democratic Party over the Republicans to get the country out of the recession. Views of the GOP are near an all-time low. And more than half of all adults say that Republicans in Congress have opposed Mr. Obama’s proposals more to gain political advantage, compared with 30% who say Republicans have done so because they are standing up for their principles.

Republicans have tried to separate the President personally from his programs, but that strategy has not worked. Minority Leader Boehner continued on that tack.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) predicted that Mr. Obama will have trouble moving his agenda. “Everyone knows that the president remains popular, but let’s be honest: The solutions Democrats are pushing are not,” he said in a statement.

The survey showed deep support for the President from Democrats, and a fine showing amongst independents. But he showed slippage amongst Republicans, which should have been expected.

The President continues to use his deep popularity to drive substantial change in the system. The upcoming battles on the budget and on health care will put that popularity to the test. Read the Wall Street Journal article here.

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3 Responses to Obama Rides High in WSJ Poll

  1. Fred Mertz says:

    Mr. Mayor:

    What do you think the fallout from the secret Bush Justice Department memos suspending the Constitution will be?

    How do you suspect his party followers will respond?

    What does it say about us if we don’t bring the perpetrators to justice?




  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    The Republican minority is playing a risky game. They are resisting what we conservatives, believe is a wrong headed monetary policy that can lead to bad results; super debt, and or inflation.

    Time will tell whether or not they come out as losers or prophets.

    He is certainly making a paradigm shift toward socialism. That is the danger for our freedom that our children will have to live with. I am surprised you are enamored with this idea.

    Then it will be a liberal torch to carry even though it was made possible by 3 northeast Republicans without principle.

    By the way, this is what Rush was warning us about. That is what we hope Obama fails to do.



  3. Patrizia says:

    Hey Fred,
    Look at what your friend David Brooks just said: (looks like he’s having second thoughts–I’m just sayin’). And soon, that doubt is going to seep into the general population. Very soon. Because their jobs are disappearing, their retirements are disappearing, it’s ALL going away. Directly as a result of this liar president.



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