The Obama Informercial

Barack Obama ran a half hour ad across multiple networks yesterday. Was it effective? Is it overkill? I thought it a good political move, and a good spot. I have attached it here for those of you who may have missed it.

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4 Responses to The Obama Informercial

  1. jgodsey says:

    That wasn’t as much fun as Bill Clinton/Barak Obama love fest – now THAT’s must see tv.

    Part 1
    Part 2


  2. ben nevis says:

    Slick, very slick and well timed. His calm, soothing voice, almost “hip”-notic. The presidential setting, giving the impression that he is addressing the nation as THE president! He took us to the heart of the country, Kansas! I guess we can all say, like six year old Susan in the “Miracle on 34th Street”, “I believe, I believe” as Obama leads the nation down 5th Avenue during the Thanksgiving Day parade. Yes it was overkill and a waste of the money donated by the “working class”? I also took note of our Gov. Patrick putting his “two cents” in. Mr. Mayor, would you happen to know if Patrick made his appearance in this infommercial before or after he made the robo-call in support of Diane Wilkerson? Given her HISTORY, it seems ill-advised, perhaps even stupid. Maybe Patrick provided us with a clue as to what an Obama administration might be like. (I’m sorry, maybe it was Dorothy it the “Wizard of Oz” who said “I believe, I believe”. I guess it doesn’t matter, Obama will be taking us DOWN some road. 🙂


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Ben nevis,

    Right on. That’s two who feel the US will look like Massachusetts x 57.



  4. Patrizia says:

    My heart was breaking as I saw the family that wouldn’t have their snacks last through the week. Horrifying.


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