Diane Wilkerson Tries to hang on

Senator Diane Wilkerson, already reeling from her loss in the Democratic primary and now charged in a public corruption case, has announced that she is still running for her senate seat on stickers, despite her arrest. All I can say is wow! I know she has staved off disaster in the past, but she is really not in touch with reality if she believes that she is not political toast. She issued a statement today:

I would like the voters of the 2nd Suffolk Senate District to know that I am staying the course of my campaign for re-election on November 4. Not only does this represent the biggest challenge in my personal and political life, but it will test to the limit the notion of innocent until proven guilty.

While there is great curiosity about the particulars of my case I am not at liberty to discuss them for obvious reasons. For those of you who must be thinking “there has to be more to this story,” of course there is. But it is not a story that I am able or willing to lay out in the press.

From a purely political perspective, it seems a lot of people — including myself — have seriously underestimated US Atty. Sullivan’s political calculus.

In one fell swoop, and before an indictment had been returned, he sought to imperil my re-election campaign, and has set much of the state’s Democratic Leadership back on its heels. He brought this issue forward at this time knowing full well that I would never have an opportunity to have my day in court prior to November 4.

I am grateful for and humbled by the support I continue to receive, and ask that voters continue to stick by me on November 4.

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2 Responses to Diane Wilkerson Tries to hang on

  1. jgodsey says:

    oddly, i have always found white collar criminals to be heavily into self delusion and denial…blue collar criminals are much more honest.


  2. BOB LEBLANC says:

    WOW is right Mr Mayor….the reading of the affidavit outlining the charges and events is very interesting..makes one wonder.

    I admire Sen Bruce Tarr for being upfront in response to this event and doing so in a non partisan way.

    It appears clear that a good hard look need be given to full disclosure requirements of all activities and relationships.

    I recall a time when multiple Senators faced indictment and the ramifications were disruptive. If these allegations result in conviction, we can only hope that no other Senator is in a similar position..that no other Senator through fees, contributions, directly or indirectly that involve legislation including bonding or budget is similarly involved.


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