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Wisconsin Backlash

With the media focused on the budget battle(s) occurring in Washington a couple of important elections occurred in Wisconsin that may shed some light on voter response to Governor Scott Walker’s battle with labor. In a statewide election for the … Continue reading

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Labor Girds for Battle

The war between labor and the Republican Party has heated up again, with Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio signing into law a bill that restricts the right of state and local workers to bargain collectively. The Ohio bill adds … Continue reading

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The Battle of Wisconsin Round Two

Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republican Senate, using a parliamentary maneuver that seemed to take Democrats by surprise, passed legislation that took away the bulk of bargaining rights for public sector unions in Wisconsin yesterday. The Republicans stripped out … Continue reading

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Battleground Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has precipitated a huge political brawl in Wisconsin by filing a bill that would force Wisconsin employees to shoulder more of their own health care and pension obligations, as well as stripping away a huge swarth … Continue reading

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