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Defeat in Wisconsin

The big push by organized labor and the Democratic Party to flip control of the Wisconsin State Senate away from Republicans has gone down to defeat, with only two of the necessary three Republicans losing the recall campaigns. It is, … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Backlash

With the media focused on the budget battle(s) occurring in Washington a couple of important elections occurred in Wisconsin that may shed some light on voter response to Governor Scott Walker’s battle with labor. In a statewide election for the … Continue reading

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Labor Girds for Battle

The war between labor and the Republican Party has heated up again, with Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio signing into law a bill that restricts the right of state and local workers to bargain collectively. The Ohio bill adds … Continue reading

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The Battle of Wisconsin Round Two

Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republican Senate, using a parliamentary maneuver that seemed to take Democrats by surprise, passed legislation that took away the bulk of bargaining rights for public sector unions in Wisconsin yesterday. The Republicans stripped out … Continue reading

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Battleground Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has precipitated a huge political brawl in Wisconsin by filing a bill that would force Wisconsin employees to shoulder more of their own health care and pension obligations, as well as stripping away a huge swarth … Continue reading

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