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Manzi in the Morning- Michael Widmer Interview

Michael Widmer came on the Manzi in the Morning Program to talk about Transportation Finance, the State budget, unfunded OPEB liabilities, and reform in transportation. Widmer is the President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, and he is, in my view, … Continue reading

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Governor Patrick and Big Data

Much respected fiscal analyst Michael Widmer has issued a severe critique of the portion of Governor Patrick’s tax proposal that would expand the sales tax to include transactions in the computer software and data processing fields, calling the proposal a … Continue reading

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Increased Massachusetts Revenue: Where Is It Coming From?

Governor Deval Patrick has unveiled a budget and tax plan that delivers just under $2 billion in new revenue to state coffers to fund transportation and educational initiatives. The Governor’s proposal does not simply rely on a straight increase in … Continue reading

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More on the Governor's Revenue Proposals

Governor Patrick, as we know, outlined a very ambitious agenda for revenues and new spending on infrastructure and education in his State of the Commonwealth speech last week. The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center has come out with an analysis … Continue reading

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Michael Widmer on the Massachusetts Budget

Some comments from Michael Widmer, laying out some of the issues facing the Commonwealth, and some of the unpleasant options facing the State as we begin looking to the FY 14 budget. Widmer was a guest on WBUR, Public Radio.

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Tax Expenditures in the News

What more exciting subject could there be besides “tax expenditures” to write about today? I can think of nothing else that I would rather do over this weekend than study the new report from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation on Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Municipal Health Care Review

The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, headed by Michael Widmer, has released an analysis of the impacts of the newly enacted municipal health care bill. I had a chance to talk about it this week on WCAP, and it is in the … Continue reading

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