President Obama Stays on Competition Theme

The President talks about what we need to remain a preeminent world power, including a first rate educational system, new investment in upgrading our infrastructure, and a commitment to clean energy that will produce jobs, new industry, and address the energy needs of our country. I have always been perplexed by Republican attacks on alternative energy. Our major economic rival, China, has invested heavily in renewables, and is already reaping the rewards of that investment. The President has built a new message that he hopes will show that we need to dramatically alter the way the federal government spends money, but we cannot run away from spending that we need to ensure that we remain the world’s number one economy. Without targeted investment in our future we are destined to fall back economically. The fight on this issue is just beginning.

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6 Responses to President Obama Stays on Competition Theme

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    So you took the cool aid? The only thing his talk solidifies is his socialist ideals.

    More spending hasn’t worked. Unemployment solidified at 10%

    Do you really want the Federal Government to run all education in the country?

    I keep asking this questions which you have refused to answer over the years. I’ll try again. CAN YOU POINT TO SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT BESIDE MILITARY OR POLICE?

    I expectantly wait your answer.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    A couple of points. On unemployment the solutions advocated by Republicans, if implemented at the time, would have led to an even higher unemployment number. I am a deficit hawk, but there is no question that short term spending was necessary to save the nations financial system and spare our greatest industrial concerns from liquidation.

    On education I do not want the federal government to “run all education” in the country. But I do want them to pay for the mandates that they impose and if possible strengthen our educational system.

    In terms of successful government programs my point was not to advocate that the government run anything additional. But if you are blind to what China is doing then you better wake up fast. They are spending on infrastructure, they are spending heavily on education, and they are taking over the industrial production in green technologies. They are also deploying renewable energy in addition to production. And they are using our money to do it. Somebody better wake up fast because they are in the passing lane approaching at a high rate of speed. And the arrogance that thinks that you can win this race without education, infrastructure, or R&D is simply amazing to me. I agree that spending needs to be cut, and I agree that there are plenty of areas to cut. But the Republican plan does not go where the money is, which is entitlements and defense. ALL federal spending, in my opinion, is not bad.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I have read this response. As usual you are all things to all people.

    I’m signing off right now to take an Advil to clear my head while I untwist your logic.

    I will back at you soon.



  4. Bill Manzi says:


    Sorry pal. You want a straight right/left dichotomy so the discussion can take the easy way, with the same simplistic platitudes flowing from both sides. I am not trying to be everything to everybody. Lets review.

    1) I ACCEPT the bipartisan findings of the deficit commission, which means that I ACCEPT that modifications of a serious and politically problematical type will be made to entitlements.

    2) I realize, because I can read numbers, that most all of our financial problems stem from health care costs.

    3) I do not think it wise, in order to keep funneling money to health care costs, to drain all other sections of the budget.

    4) I see NO need to maintain a foreign base system that has us spending billions to have military outposts in Germany and other European countries while they spend nothing on defense. Let the Germans and French carry their own defense costs, and while we are at it let the Japanese carry their own as well. Want to solve the North Korean problem? Announce that Japan is going nuclear and will be putting a million men under arms. You will start to see a new and more accommodating attitude on the Korean Peninsula, and from the Chinese as well.

    Not sure that those beliefs put me in the please all category, but I can tell you after watching Speaker Boehner on Fox today that he certainly fits the bill. No word on entitlements, and no word from the Speaker as to what he supports for budget cuts in this fiscal year. Hmmmmmmmmm.


  5. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Lot’s of good stuff here. Let’s take them one at a time.

    Jan 30
    1.Manzi: On unemployment the solutions advocated by Republicans, if implemented at the time, would have led to an even higher unemployment number. I am a deficit hawk, but there is no question that short term spending was necessary to save the nations financial system and spare our greatest industrial concerns from liquidation.”

    Jules: This is an opinion as in “He said, She said” You can’t prove this negative. If you can show me the math. Before you make a rejoinder, I can’t disprove it either.

    2. Manzi: Read Paragraph 2. in Jan 30 entry.

    If the federal Government mandates just one thing it will in time mandate it all.

    Jules: The Federal Education department should be 100% dismantled and the Money returned to the citizens. Any Less and local control goes away.

    3. Manzi Read the 3rd paragraph.

    3a. The Government DOES run things. GM, Chrysler, Medicare, Obamacare, Social Security, NASA, National Parks, National Forest, to name a few. I knew you would avoid answering that question.

    The reference to China to me indicates the only way to compete against a dictatorship is to emulate one.

    We became a powerful industrial country with graduates from one school houses, being singularity free to pursue at, risk, our dreams. Sank the Soviet Union.

    If China surpasses us it’s because our people have become lazy and dependent on state and federal subsidy, and our Government has become incompetent, evasive and corrupt. This all thanks to your corrupt friends and my incompetent friends.

    So you want the Republicans to spread out their plans before you so you can cut them to pieces. The Republicans don’t own the Government and are in transition. Lots of old guys from the corrupt old days.

    Jan 30 6:55 pm.

    1.I agree with your analysis here. This is a case where the public has been corrupted and feels dependent on the government senior care. We can’t sustain SS AND Medicare, never could. The courage does not exist to curb it.

    2. Are you saying that 15 Trillion dollar debt is mostly healthcare? Can you give me a pie chart on that.

    3 and 4. I follow in the same path you describe.



  6. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    After all that I need another Advil.

    Note: I have been following the DPW union thing. So the thugs were going to intimidate a city official to get its way. I see you interceded and reached an accommodation. If it does not work, do the thugs return to their thug (rat) ways?



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