Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo in Seabrook

The Seacoast welcomed Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo on Monday, and it was wonderful to have her in Seabrook visiting Aero Dynamics to tour that manufacturing facility. Secretary Raimondo was in Hampton before her visit to Seabrook, listening to a cross section of business and community leaders on the very serious challenges our region has faced through the pandemic, and how we are recovering. Secretary Raimondo is the former Governor of Rhode Island, and that experience gave her a real understanding of some of the major issues our region faces.

This visit was made possible through the efforts and office of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. My thanks for another strong effort by Chamber of Commerce President John Nyhan, who worked very hard to help organize the visit.

With Secretary Raimondo at Aero Dynamics in Seabrook.
Secretary Raimondo and Senator Shaheen in Hampton.
With Portsmouth City Manager Karen Conrad and Hampton Town Manager Jamie Sullivan.
At Aero Dynamics in Seabrook
Touring Seabrook Manufacturer Aero Dynamics.

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