Methuen Local Aid Allocations

Both the Massachusetts House and Senate have passed budgets, with the process of reconciling those documents in the hands of a conference committee. There are some slight differences in the documents, with the below listing the different allocations for local aid for Methuen in the three separate budgets. It appears as if the Governor is willing to go along with a one year increase in Chapter 90 money to $300 million, but there are still some legislative hurdles to go before any of that money is released to cities and towns. It appears as if the Legislature will send both the budget and the transportation finance bill to the Governor at the same time, which of course will put him in a difficult position if he was of a mind to veto the transportation finance package, which is still in conference. Not a lot of attention right now, but still some major decisions left to be made on the budget.

Chapter 70 Governor 41,134,210 House 40,125,234 Senate 40,240,901

Unrestricted Local Aid Governor $4,844,608* House 4,707,570 Senate 4,598,863

* Governor number includes a new line worth $245,745 called Annual Formula Aid Calculation that both the Senate and House omitted.

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